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Did you have an awesome time?  If you enjoyed your time with our crew tips are a great way to show your appreciation.

In addition to keeping our guests safe, our team is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in various aspects of your experience. This includes setup & clean-up, cleanliness of the boat, ensuring proper supplies are on board, taking the perfect group photos, and providing a great experience specific to your occasion!

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Trip Flex allows our customers to change, modify, or cancel their reservation worry-free.
Trip Flex must be purchased at the time of checkout to have the luxury to change any part of their reservation.

If you purchased Trip Flex, you will have up to 14 days prior to your scheduled departure  to cancel your cruise with a full refund minus the Trip Flex amount.
After the 14 day window, only gift certificates will be issued, they never expire.  

Without Trip Flex, reservations are non-refundable. Only gift certificates will be issued for cancellations made prior to 14 days of your departure.  
There will be no refunds or gift certificates issued for cancellations made within the 14 day window of your departure date. Tours cancelled 5 days to time of departure are non-refundable with Trip Flex.

Booking Fees are Non-Refundable.

Policy Notices

Alcohol Policy:

-NO HARD LIQUOR. Liquor is not permitted onboard. We allow Beer/Wine/Seltzers only. 2-3 Drinks Per Person is recommend. Drink Responsibly.
-NO GLASS BEER BOTTLES (Cans Only). Wine Bottles are allowed.
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Did you have an awesome time? If you enjoyed your time with our crew tips are a great way to show your appreciation. Average tip is around $6 per person.

If not make sure you tell us how we can do better next time!

Smoking/Tobacco Policy:
Our vessel is smoke and tobacco free vessel.

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